About us

Our Backgrounds

One of the strengths of RES is that we come from diverse backgrounds and we can bring different perspectives to bear.

Gary Newman – Director – Gary has a background in both construction and wood science. He spent over 14 years working in the construction industry before moving into the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative biomaterial products for the construction sector, particularly plant fibre based biocomposites, in the UK and internationally.

Gary is a director of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and has advised the UK government (DEFRA), Coed Cymru, The Princes Trust, the Alberta State Government (Canada) on the development of new biogenic building materials. Gary was formerly chair of the National Non-food Crops Centre Technical Working Group on Renewable Construction Materials.

Graham Hilton – Director – Graham is a former oil trader and serial entrepreneur in the rural economy. Graham previously founded what is now the UK’s largest national biomass distributor (Forever Fuels). In terms of policy development, Graham co-authored the original UK biofuels legislation and has contributed to the development of several other UK and EU policies on renewable energy and sustainability.

Graham is also a Director of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, a former board member of the National Non-food Crops Centre and a former member of the Forestry Commission Wood Fuels Panel. Graham has advised the UK government (Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, DfT; DEFRA, MoD, FC and NHS), the government of British Columbia (Canada), local authorities, as well as the NFU, Coed Cymru and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Geriant Williams – Geraint Williams is a Chemical Engineer. He has worked for some of the world’s largest blue chip organisations. His strong data analysis skills and attention to detail have been deployed across a multitude of modelling tasks from the technical and economic evaluation of biomass related energy projects to the environmental and technical evaluation of construction products and building systems. Geraint is currently assessing biomass energy and wood processing projects as a technical adviser to the Forestry Commission’s WEBS initiative.