What we do

Feasibility and scoping studies

We can provide literature, technology and market reviews, delivery and analysis of structured surveys and interviews and natural product prototyping and testing. [case study]

Sustainable Construction: New product and process development

We can help you develop new products and processes. We have experience of bringing new products to market. We have our own small-scale development facilities and we also access pilot and production facilities elsewhere. [case study]

Sequestered carbon measurement

We are experts on the amount of carbon dioxide that locked up in natural materials (the sequestered carbon) and we can help you identify the carbon (and other environmental benefits) of your products.

Carbon footprinting

We can help you produce a carbon footprint of your products and processes and apply this information to the latest product and process requirements.

Environmental product declarations (EPD) and certification


Strategic planning and policy development

We can help you develop new strategies and policy. We have experience of developing operational plans to turn strategy into action. [case study]

Supply chain development


Project development and management

RES has considerable project development and project management experience, ranging from networking projects with SMEs, through industrial start-ups, to multi-million £ research and development projects with international partners.